Google My Business Adds Latino-Owned Attribute

Google has added a new business attribute to the Google My Business console. You can now specify if your business identifies as a Latino-owned business and if so, you can add that attribute to your business profile and highlight it in Google Search and Google Maps.If you login to Google My Business,

Google Local Pack Header Can Show Brands Over Keyword Search

Colan Nielsen noticed the other day that for some local keyword searches, Google will change the local pack header in the keyword spot to a brand name. Colan shared an example, I can replicate it, and said "Google is listing the specific business it thinks I am looking for."The search was for [derm

New Google Help Docs: Best Practices For Ecommerce In Google Search

Google has added a multipage set of new help documentation around e-commerce best practices for Google Search. The docs include how to build the best possible e-commerce site for your users and Google Search.It seems to stem off a lot of the recent advice Google has been posting on e-commerce and S

Programming Note: Offline For Simchat Torah

I will be offline completely for the holiday of Simchas Torah on September 28th and September 29th, Tuesday and Wednesday. Any stories published here will be scheduled and written beforehand and not posted live. This is the last set of days I am completely offline for a while, so thanks for dealing

Daily Search Forum Recap: September 27, 2021

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web. Looks like there was yet another Google search algorithm ranking update this past weekend, but this seemed pretty big - Google did not confirm it. Google

Vlog #139: Charley Spektor On Importance Of Link Building For Home Depot

Charley Spektor is the co-founder of Saratoga B2B Group and has a very deep and rich career in digital marketing, from working at IDG, TechTarget, Cheapflights, and Stone Temple Consulting with Eric Enge who I also interviewed. At Stone Temple Consulting he ran the SEO team working on the Home Depo

Big Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On September 24th and 25th?

Once again, there may have been yet another Google search ranking algorithm update this past weekend. This is unconfirmed still but it seems like a very big update based on the tracking tools and some of the comments I saw from the community. The update, like I hinted to in my Friday video, starte

Google Tests Seller Rating Product Star Reviews Box Interface

Brodie Clark spotted another Google Search user interface test where the product reviews stars and ratings show up in a small box at the top right of the snippet. These seller ratings are not really from the structured data area and they do also show up in the "about this result" box.Brodie shared t

Google: 200+ Ranking Signals Figure Is Misleading

Google's John Mueller said that Google is trying to move away from the over 200 ranking signal number because they find it to be "kind of misleading." Misleading in that it is hard to quantify the number of ranking signals Google uses.John Mueller said this when he was asked to rank the top signals

Google: URL Length Is A Very Light Signal For Canonicalization

Earlier we reported that Google does not use URL length as a ranking factor. While that may be true, Google does use the URL length as a "very light" signal for canonicalization, said John Mueller of Google.John said on Twitter "we use URL length very lightly for canonicalization." John explained

Google: Best To Not Have Sponsored Products In Category Pages Indexed

I asked John Mueller of Google about category pages that contain sponsored products. Does Google want sites to ensure Google cannot index those sponsored products. John Mueller said "some sites take care to prevent them from being indexed in various ways, which is probably a good practice."He didn

Google's 23rd Birthday Logo - Happy Birthday Google

Today is Google's officially birthday, it's 23rd birthday. Oh boy are we all getting old. :) The Doodle, special Google logo, to celebrate is of a cake with a candle, that says 23 on it and it is animated with the Google logo - it is cute.Google wrote:It's said that one chance encounter can change